Strong transport capacity

The company is specialized in cross-border express cargo transportation services both at home and abroad, and has strict transport organization. It is a professional transportation company integrating supply chain.

Professional logistics service

It is a professional transportation company which is engaged in the transportation service of goods all over the country and has strict transportation organization.

Smart APP data interworking mode

Specialized in cross-border express parcel and cargo transportation services across the country, with strict transport organization, is a professional transport company integrating supply chain.

——————————— ABOUT US ———————————
Founded in 2018, zhejiang yishihui supply chain management co., ltd. is a supply chain service platform integrating international special line, express delivery, international postal parcel, sea and air transport, storage, park entrepreneurship, Internet finance and integrated international and domestic resources. The company follows the following principles:Service achievements you and me, the concept of business philosophy, created a miracle in resource integration for the way, do the new engine in the world supply chain services, the company in Russia, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and so on to create their own brand of international special line and storage base, 5000 will be built in the domestic express delivery service cooperation network, building 10 m express chain supermarkets and mail box, build 200 college students in the national business incubators, and strive to entrepreneurial teams of up to 2 million people, we will be dedicated to domestic and international supply chain resources integration, the company advanced cell phone APP software management system,Create international innovative intelligent express logistics business logistics support and integrated intelligent company.